ELDOA is a French acronym that translated stands for Stretching in the longitudinal axis to create decoaptation (separation) of the osteo-articular joints. It is a revolutionary stretching and rehabilitative technique, developed by world-renowned French osteopath Guy VOYER. The ELDOA targets the decompression of specific joints throughout the body. There is an ELDOA for every joint in the body.


The basic principle of ELDOA, using tensegrity biomechanics and over 20 years of fascial research, is to create a posture that will target a specific spinal functional unit. ELDOA works by creating myofascial tension around the targeted area or lesion and elicits an opening, or decompression of a joint. The body is placed in a very precise posture to treat a specific lesion or joint, segmentally.


  • ◦ Improved Posture
  • ◦ Increased Flexibility
  • ◦ Improved Muscle Tone & Function
  • ◦ Relief of Chronic & Acute Back Pain
  • ◦ Relief of Neck & Shoulder Tension
  • ◦ Injury Recovery and Prevention
  • ◦ Increased Blood Flow and Venous return
  • ◦ Improved Recovery Time when Training
  • ◦ Reduced Joint Inflammation & Arthrosis
  • ◦ Improved Body Awareness and Sense of Wellbeing
  • ◦ Increased Intervertebral Disc Hydration
  • ◦ Reduced Forward Head Posture
  • ◦ Normalisation of Visceral Function
  • ◦ Reduced Mental Stress


Working Professionals and Students

Forward head posture is one of the most common postural problems today. The repetitive use of smart phones, computers, TV, and even backpacks has forced the body to adapt to a forward head posture. Beyond neck and back pain, forward head posture can have many long-term health implications. The more time you spend in any bad posture, the more you strengthen negative neuromuscular pathways reinforcing that posture.
ELDOA exercises will strengthen your spinal and abdominal muscles and will help you re-establish your posture in line with your centre of gravity which can help reverse those negative pathways, while correcting tensions of the restricted, overused muscles in your body.

Aging spines and joints

Fighting gravity, the effects of inactivity, and sometimes the effects of too much activity can be a lifelong endeavour!
"I wish that I knew what I know now, when I was younger!" is something you may say to yourself time to time. The question is: what are you doing to keep your spine strong, mobile, and healthy? Chronological aging may be inevitable but just as psychological health can be maintained with mental exercises, your biological health can be maintained and improved with the proper physical exercises.
All ELDOA positions can be modified to your level, needs or restrictions. ELDOA exercises are incredible tools to help you combat the detrimental effects that aging can have on your body. You will feel younger, taller, and more energetic when you make ELDOA exercises your daily practice.

Athletes and Runners

It is very important to establish an effective stretching and recovery routine to offset the stress that training places on your body. When this balance is not managed properly, performance-limiting injuries occur, usually in the form of sprains, strains and overuse wear and tear.
ELDOA exercises can help speed up the recovery time for both acute injuries and nagging chronic pains caused from inflammation and overuse. US & UK Pro Athletes have been using these techniques to help get the edge on their competition and to have continued success in their sport. ELDOA is a solution to longevity in sport and a lifetime of being active.

Anyone with back pain

Studies show that if we took a large group of middle-aged people with no history of back pain, and put them through and MRI scan:

  • 38% would have disc bulges,
  • 37% disc protrusions (aka: contained herniations),
  • 11% disc extrusions (aka: non-contained herniations)
  • 4% nerve route compression by the disc herniation.

Some statistics of Low Back Pain and how it could be related to degenerative disc disease and herniated discs:

  • Lifetime prevalence in working population up to 80%
  • Second most common reason for work disability
  • 60% experience functional limitation or disability
  • Despite advances in imaging and surgical techniques Low Back Pain prevalence and its cost are relatively unchanged
  • 90% people age > 50 have degenerative disc disease


Scoliosis is a side bending of the spine that is due to rotation of the vertebrae. This misalignment of the spine can be in the form of a 'C' curve or 'S' curve and can be of many varying degrees. There are many causes for scoliosis including a congenital predisposition. Treatment for scoliosis can come in the form of cumbersome back braces and physical therapy. Any degrees of scoliosis that a child has that is left untreated will potentially increase throughout their developing years and become permanent when they reach adulthood.

ELDOA exercises simultaneously strengthen, educate and realign the spine while normalise the fascial connections in relation to the spine. When adapted as part of a daily routine, ELDOA can make remarkable improvement in the correction of scoliosis for both children and adults.

If you are suffering from or have recurring bouts of back pain caused by spinal injuries, the ELDOA may help!

These postures can alleviate your symptoms by addressing the cause at the source of the problem by decompressing your spine and reinforcing an ideal posture so you can help re-establish a healthy spine!

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