We appreciate the challenges and the inconvenience professional teams and businesses face when it comes to finding the right time for continuing education of their staff. A busy work schedule, off-season training camps, in season game calendars paired with a heavy travel schedule often makes it very hard to send the staff for training. We have successfully worked with sports teams around their busy schedule to make it happen.

This does not A healthy posture means less pain, more energy and better sense of well-being. That usually translates to a happier mind and better performance at work. Companies that recognise this fact and willing to invest in to improve the work place to be a more conducive environment for optimal performance have reported better workplace satisfaction and increased performance by their employees. We have been successfully implementing the same principles to corporate business as well.

We offer:
Specialized workshops/tailor made training courses to meet the need of your organisation
ELDOA ™ Certification courses

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